Yes, we’re gluten-free over here!

What’s The Blog About?

Since my boyfriend — we’ll call him “Tre” — and I met, we’ve been literally inseparable. As my other half in both life and business school, we spend about as much time together as possible. With an ambiguously shared living situation — aka not “officially” living together but, you know, he feeds my cats — I’ve found myself re-heating my cooking skills in an attempt to keep the two of us happily fed. Being the creative one in the kitchen, it’s become my job to shop, find recipes, and cook all after working 40+ hours and taking night classes. Thankfully, Tre wields a powerful sponge to clean up the aftermath, thick arms for cracking jars and opening wine bottles, and has 11 inches of height on me for reaching top shelves. It’s a beautiful relationship.

However, In October 2010, Tre received some startling news about his health. After years of inexplicable and sometimes serious illness, his doctor identified the culprit as a powerful allergy to wheat, corn, rice, and soy (“WCRS”). Tre’s allergy has restricted his diet beyond what many individuals with gluten-triggered disorders struggle with. Being allergic to wheat AND all of its common substitutes, we were left wondering exactly what to do. Almost all processed foods contain WCRS in some capacity making quick or easy meals almost impossible.”Peas in a pod,” I thought upon hearing the news. I myself suffer my own set of dietary restrictions: a bizarre pork intolerance complete with hives, a life-or-death allergy to shellfish, and a guttural distain for milk. Combined, Tre and I are unable to eat a whole bunch of fun and delicious things. As a result, I’ve gone back to the drawing board to figure out a new plan so we can eat healthy and, of course, delicious food.

“23 and Grain Free” is our life now since our average age is 23 (I’m actually the older one) and, well, we’re going on a diet free of wheat, corn, rice, and soy! After a lot of thought, I decided it was best to eat “as a family” even though I don’t necessarily need to cut WCRS out of my diet. This is a burden for Tre and I want to go at it together from here on out as best as I can. What does this mean? I hope you’ll stick around to find out! One of my first thoughts as I ventured into internet-land to learn more about Tre’s allergy was that I should keep track of everything we do so that other people can learn. As a result, this blog was born with the intent of educating and supporting people out there who battle diet restrictions, intolerances, allergies, and disorders like ours as well as people who just want to live healthier.

How is THIS Blog Different?

I’ll be honest: I read A LOT of blogs.When I first decided to blog about me and my boyfriend’s journey into unknown dietary territory, I found myself in a sea of webpages on the subject. Most helpful were some medical sites with “Do’s and Don’ts” for all of Tre’s specific allergies, reference sites with lists of WCRS-alternatives (where Tre began to learn what “buckwheat” would mean for him), and of course, plenty of blogs with recipes. The blogs and their treasures are phenomenal but are not without their caveats — namely, many feature recipes that use corn, rice, and soy substitutes for wheat, and many feature recipes of “gourmet” caliber that are both time consuming and expensive to make for a pair of not-yet MBAs like me and Tre. This has left me to do a lot of guess work, recipe alteration, ingredient sampling, and internet browsing to try to create my own flavor of a diet.

I intend this blog to be a mix of things:

  • A regular log of my culinary adventures as I alter, create, and try recipes that completely omit WCRS
  • A collection of online resources and the best ways to search for answers regarding WCRS allergies
  • A discussion about lifestyle and how removing WCRS from one’s diet can be healthy
  • Tips for ordering food in restaurants when you have an allergy, for mixing cocktails and picking wines, and of course, tracking down dessert.

…And hopefully some fun along the way! Thanks for stopping by!


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