Been a While!

19 Jul

It’s incredible just how much time graduate school can steal away from you! Tre and I had a tumultuous final two-quarters, riddled with the frustration of late NY winters into the inexplicably busy springtime at our respective jobs. I wish I could say that all the while we were still enjoying our culinary adventures, buying fresh meat and produce and cooking every night together like we did in former quarters (sad that this has become the time increment by which we measure our lives). Truth is, we weren’t and I’m almost ashamed to report on how we fed ourselves — I’ll give you a hint, it involved a lot of fast food without the bun and a few lbs I’m not proud to be carrying!

Excuses, excuses I know, but I’m happy to say that since our graduation in June, things have really taken a turn for the better. Tre and I hit personal lows this winter for an assortment of reasons mostly linked to the all-too-common work stresses, post college crappy apartment stresses, utter lack of free time stresses, and all matter of mid 20s angst.

But for every low point, there is always something better to look forward to. Tre and I finally finished school, as I’d mentioned. We also took new jobs, Tre within his family business and myself at the University, for a much needed morale boost on that front. I’m also proud to say that I bought my first home, a condo in an area of the city affectionately similar to Adams Morgan that is within walking distance to both my job and everything else I could possible need, including Tre right around the corner.

The freedom since graduation has been incredible, in ways I did not even recall, having devoted the last 18 months to everything except myself (think, going 4 weeks without the time to spare for laundry, let alone anything else). Tre and I have settled into a routine-less summer with “flash golf”, trips to the lake, and the antiquated novelty of reading — I just finished my first pleasure read in 2 years “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson while Tre chips away at “Life” by Keith Richards.

Needless to say, we’re slow to get back into cooking though I am excited to work at it. Stay tuned as I organize my recipes and get back into the swing of things. I’ve missed you all!



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