The Backstory

19 Oct

I’ll preface all this by saying, living without wheat, corn, rice, and soy (you’ll see it here as “WCRS-free”) was not a choice a la an “atkins diet” desire to try to lose weight. Well OK, for me it was a choice, but for my boyfriend (you’ll see him here as “Tre”) it was not.

Less than a week ago I got a text message from Tre simply saying “I’m sad.” The pithy is not uncommon in our interactions, and for any assortment of potential reasons for sadness, I asked that he tell me what was up. Tre and I are in business school together, trading our souls for coveted MBAs at the Simon School (you’ll see it here as “Simon”). Despite not being a person, Simon can be extremely depressing. It’s the reason why I typically come off as “disheveled” to onlookers. Tre tends to pull himself together with more poise than myself, but there are days when it’s clear that the academic grind wears him thin. Plainly said, Simon is a perfectly legitimate reason to be sad sometimes.

There is also Tre’s business, which is not particularly saddening so much as a stressor for the already prone boyfriend of mine. The opposite of me, Tre schools full time and works part time in accounting at his family business — a food processing facility — while I work full time at the University and take only evening classes. Though I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the family and its business, it keeps Tre on his toes and often elicits a colorful message or two.

Other possible reasons rattle through my head. Did his favorite show, Dexter, get canceled? Did he get another ticket from the University parking gestapo? Did he drop the tub of hummus open top-down on the floor? Over a week had passed since his trip to the doctor and I’d completely forgotten that he was expecting results. After a short wait, he replied “so the doctor says I’m allergic to wheat, corn, rice, and soy.”

This was last Thursday.


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